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Considerations in Thermal Insulation

The processes carried out to limit heat losses or heat gains in installations and buildings are called “Heat Insulation”. Heat is a form of energy and it moves from a high temperature environment to a low temperature environment. Therefore, in buildings; Energy gains occur in summer and energy losses occur in winter.

Remember That Thermal Insulation Is Very Important…

All events in nature occur in the direction of decreasing the quality of energy. For example, a good example of this is the cooling of a hot tea over time, or vice versa, the warming of a cold beverage over time.

Generally, air temperatures are below 20°C in winter and above 20°C in summer. In order to adjust the desired temperature environment in buildings, the decreasing temperature in winter must be met by a heating system and the increasing temperature in summer must be discharged from inside with a cooling system. Energy is consumed for both heating and cooling. Limiting heat losses and gains in any building or installation, that is, thermal insulation; It means reducing the amount of energy that needs to be consumed for both heating and cooling purposes.

In order to operate the heating and cooling systems with the expected performance; Considering the amount of heat gains and losses, the fluid used in thermal insulation should be used hotter or colder than it should be. This causes an extra energy consumption. Technically, thermal insulation is applied to reduce heat transfer between two environments at different temperatures.


Thermal insulation is applied to the roofs, exteriors or unused parts of buildings or installations, such as garages and warehouses, to the walls, installation pipes and ventilation ducts. By using insulated joinery and specially coated insulating glass units, heat losses leaking from windows are reduced in winter, and solar heat entering the building is limited in summer. Thus, the energy consumed for both heating and cooling is saved.


Thermal insulation, which is carried out in accordance with the rules in buildings, has many benefits for individuals and countries. Thermal insulation not only extends the life of the building, but also provides a comfortable and healthy environment for the user. Of course, the most important benefit is that it provides great savings in heating and cooling costs. On the other hand, by reducing the amount of energy used in creating a comfortable environment with thermal insulation applications, global warming and air pollution are also reduced.

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