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Privacy Policy

AKDOORPLAST PVC industry and trade Joint Stock Company and personal privacy


AKDOORPLAST PVC industry and trade company , as the law on protection of personal data No. 6698 (“KVKK”), in accordance with the data in his capacity as a principal, we have prepared this “information” with kvkk located in the “lighting the principal obligation, Data entitled” 10. and the “Rights of the person concerned is entitled” 11. in the framework of the article; to process your personal data for any purpose, your personal data is processed, for what purpose and to whom your personal data that can be passed on kvkk collection method and legal reason and 11. the clause mentioned in your other rights we would like to give you information about:

‘Data Principal obligation, the lighting titled’ The 10th of kvkk of Paragraph 1 subparagraph (A) has the obligation to give information about the identity of responsible for the data. Kvkk 3rd of the 1st paragraph of the article of clause (I) in clause data, responsible for ‘determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data, a data recording system is defined as any natural or legal person, who is responsible for the establishment and management. In this context, ‘data responsible for the identity of’ the Republic of Turkey, is established in accordance with the laws of 1.83105 Organized Industrial Zone NO. Street No:3 § EHITKAMIL GAZIANTEP MILLS located at AKDOORPLAST PVC industry and trade company is.

Kvkk of Paragraph 5 of the personal data for the processing of your personal data based on one or more of the conditions, as set forth in the Article 4 of kvkk is processed in accordance with the principles of processing personal data. AKDOORPLAST PVC industry and trade Joint Stock Company’ s personal data processing activities conducted by all relevant legislation in accordance with kvkk, including all obligations are sought acted in.

In his capacity as primarily responsible for the Data processing in connection with the purpose of, and limited processing your personal data you have shared with us, and we requested to be restrained again requiring the framework of the purpose of, to be recorded, stored, maintained, and re-organized to be your personal data will be shared with agencies that are authorized by law to request, under the conditions and in the form prescribed kvkk be transferred to third parties that can be transferred to domestic or Foreign, can be classified and processed in ways listed kvkk please be advised that the poet can be.

You benefit from the products and services offered by our company for giving your personal data to our field of activity within the framework of the fulfillment of the necessary services for products and services offered tastes, habits, and you propose customized according to your needs by our company and/or the brands we work for you and analyzed by custom advertising, campaign, and other benefits in accordance with the preferences that allow the presentation of commercial electronic messages can be sent before the use of your data reporting and evaluation of a team, performing statistical analysis, company of people who are in a business relationship with our company and our legal and commercial security of supply the formulation and implementation of commercial and business strategies of our company’s human resources policies for the purposes of the execution of the provision of member merchants, business partners, the brands we work, our shareholders, legally authorized public institutions and private persons of kvkk 8. and 9. The conditions and for the purposes specified in the articles in the processing of personal data may be transferred. Your personal data is necessary for the fulfillment of the safety precautions to be taken with the above-mentioned purposes may be transferred abroad, also can be kept at home.

Your personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, our company, our partners, our group companies, our subsidiaries, our branches and representative offices, we cooperate, or the contractual relationship with our solution partners, our brands through channels such as oral, written, or electronically can be collected, this information is either party provided that it is not contrary to legislation firms can be processed. In this regard, in the case of failure, you can declare it every moment of the check; also we can lock your information accordingly. If you did not accept it but in some cases, our services may lead to the restriction of the function.

Your personal data is administered by us in our company, they would not be manipulation, loss, destruction and unauthorised use by persons with technical and organizational security measures in terms of protection for the purpose has not.

At any time, by contacting us;

  • If your personal data has been processed,
  • Your personal data is processed, information in relation to it
  • Your personal data is used for the purpose
  • Organizations with which it is shared and for what purpose
  • Missing or incorrectly recorded or correction of your information is used,
  • The destruction or deletion of your information are provided if the conditions stipulated in the law,
  • By analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems in case of a result to this objection is against you,
  • Your information is in violation of the law have been registered, or if you think that is being used, and for this reason, you can ask to recover from the harm you have suffered.

On our web site to take advantage of your rights under the law, the application formby filling out the information on, you can pass us by.

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