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Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy (hereinafter “Policy” referred to as); Akdoorplast Pvc industry and trade Joint Stock Company (hereinafter “the company” hereinafter), conducted by (“website”) applies to and describes the principles relating to the use of cookies.

By using the internet site, by showing you consent to our cookies policy and cookies to be used from time to time in accordance with this policy and your personal data to be processed under this Privacy Policy in a manner that will contain your data, you consent to the transfer. If you do not want cookies if used in this way, you must edit the settings of your browser disapprove of the use of this cookie. To disable the cookies that we use, this may affect your user experience on the website.


What Is A Cookie?

Cookies on a website or a mobile application in order to work properly, improving the user experience of the site and developed it to be optimized, more affordable, interest-based ad serving, interesting for visitors and a personalized internet site/application in order to provide a portfolio and advertising, internet website or mobile application stored on your device when visiting Akdoorplast Pvc industry and trade Joint Stock Company’ or what small text files that are owned by third parties or information/data bits.

Your usage of the internet site information is obtained with the aforementioned cookies. An internet site by storing your preferences about the situation and facilitates the use of internet cookies. Cookies used by many people conducted by our company Internet site, a person’s internet site and for what purpose, and for users to obtain statistical information about how many times have you visited and how long it was from the pages of ad and help to produce custom-designed user content dynamically.


Cookies are usually the name of the website they are received, use the life of the cookie (how long to hold on your device), and usually contains the value in a random way generated unique number. Cookies our web site, your preferences, to help you remember when you visit the site again.


For What Purposes Cookies Are Used?

Cookies are used for the following purposes;

  • The identities of those who logged in as a member of the site be determined
  • The next time you visit the internet site you know and personalized content tailored to your interests and your expectations and offer you the possibility to scan,
  • Your use of the site and the internet on our website and make your visit more enjoyable increasing its functionality
  • Internet advertising, targeting and re-targeting (targeting and retargeting), cross-selling, campaign, opportunity, and product/service as ads offer opportunities for specific products and services, recommendations by considering your preferences.
  • Create traffic stats,
  • From the internet site you are aware of how to determine that.

The data collected through cookies will not be used in order to determine your identity, but specifically a device that is used in conjunction with other data, and the user of the device with the device or contact (may be the owner of the device) could be used to determine if it may be possible, in this context, although it is possible to be treated as personal data Cookies, Cookies, and Lighting is not used for purposes other than those specified in the text of this policy.

The use of cookies by accepting the lighting of your personal data for the purposes of this policy and consent to the processing of the text.


Cookies From Third Parties Do We Accept?

Ads when you visit our website in order to personalize the content that will be available to you included in third party cookies may be stored on your device from the internet sites mentioned below:

  • Social networking content:any content we may post on our support pages from social networks. For this reason the content on our support pages, applying the relevant social network from a cookie can be stored on your device.


  • Flash cookies: Flash are files that are stored by the software. Mostly this tool, motion graphics or video to view directories as well as an Internet Browser as an extension of dynamic objects is established. Therefore, this application due to the use of Flash cookies may be installed.


Is it compulsory the use of cookies?


To accept cookies, internet is not required to use our site, but provides a better user experience. You can block cookies or delete cookies, except compulsory but in this case, our website may not function properly. As mentioned above, the mandatory use of cookies, it may be imperative for the operation of the website or mobile application. For this reason, in the browser settings if it is blocked, some parts or all of the internet site or mobile application may not work.

How to control cookies, or can I delete it?


Cookies, by electronic mail or any other personal information or data from the main memory is not designed to get. Many of the browser are designed to accept cookies, but the user when cookies are sent, or if they wish to be thought a warning will be given of cookies so that you can change the settings. Visitor or the user changes these settings unless you have given explicit consent to the use of cookies is considered.

Already existing settings for these cookies on your device to delete your device to refuse cookies or to alert you when a cookie is sent to you can change. Your browser’s “help” function using the settings you can find. If you set your browser, on each visit to our internet site, you will need to re-enter the information that you provide on its internet sites, and some services may not function properly. For example, you may not be able to view certain parts of the website or the internet when you visit the site you may be able to get information that is customized for you.

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