What is PVC?

The full name of the word, which is abbreviated PVC and formed with initials, is “poly vinyl chloride”. It is a petrochemical plant with a certain amount of oil and salt or, in the absence of oil, natural gas and salt. It is a species whose formula is ch2-ch2. This type of PVC becomes the plastic that we will use at home after it is mixed with the help of various chemicals and combinations and combined at a certain temperature. Again, in order to take its final form, it goes through different processes and becomes ready for use at the end. PVC may deteriorate by deforming and deforming at certain high temperatures. Compared to other combination materials, PVC contains many different types and types of elements and chemicals. It is easily available due to its low cost and construction. Easily processed, easily recyclable. Although the construction phase is complex, it is not difficult. There is no need to spend a very high cost and long time to produce PVC. Because of these advantages, it has settled in all areas of our lives and has made it easy to reach it.

Where is PVC Used?

PVC accompanies us in all areas of our lives. Although it was discovered in the 1920s, its use dates back to the 1930s, about 10 years later. When he was first found, he could not fully enter human life and had problems in solving the questions in his mind, so he could not be where he wanted in life. After the 1930s, the interest in PVC increased and PVC started to enter all areas of life gradually. PVC has become more widespread with the development of the construction industry. It has been used in the construction industry for windows, profiles, doors, blinds, irrigation pipes, sewage pipes, wall and floor coverings and many more. Packaging and packaging materials, such as disposable trays, forks, knives and spoons. It is also widely used in the medical field. For example; Gloves, serum packages, plastic injections are made by using many kinds of PVC. The automotive industry benefits greatly from PVC. PVC is also used in mats, windshield wipers and floors. PVC is part of our life. The materials used in the toy houses are all PVC-based materials.

What are the Benefits and Harms of PVC?

PVC, like other nylon components, is a product that dissolves very late in nature. Although it is abstained in use due to its late dissolution in nature, it is preferred because its use is quite simple and common. Materials that are produced as PVC and then become waste can be recycled and made ready for reuse. Since PVC materials are produced in the color of wood and give the appearance of using wooden materials, it has prevented the cutting of trees and in this case has contributed to the nature. The contribution of PVC to human life and nature is more than expected. Using PVC extends the life of materials by coating long-lasting materials. It saves money. Instead of expensive and luxury parts, PVC derivatives provide financial convenience.

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